100 Dicks

How many different dicks have you had between your hands?

As an open gay man for now 10 years I got to think of the variety of dicks I’ve experienced, and wondered how many of us actually cherish and celebrate the uniqueness of every dick out there. As each of our faces, bodies and fingerprints are completely unique, so are our dicks.

We live in a time in which physical ”perfection” is celebrated and desired, also when it comes to the shape, size and performance of our dicks. Since dicks are rarely shown in public most boys and men get their reference for evaluating the ”perfection” of their dicks from porn, which comes nowhere near reality when it comes to size, looks and performance.

This project is intended to break the tabu and address the shame many of us feel about our dicks.

I want to give dicks a place to show themselves off in public. I do this by making leather keychains shaped from pictures of real dicks from a variety of men from all over the world.

It’s a gently disruption of the idea that dicks needs to be suppressed behind trousers as were they an object of shame.